FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

* How does it work?

Kadarko.com is a market place and it is people driven because from products to products, they all belong to active vendors who understand what it means to have an online presence.


Kadarko.com gives a vendor the opportunity to have an online store/shop just very well like they own a website of their own. From fashion designer to shoe makers, brand merchants, health and beauty personnel who just wanna get their products out, they all have the ability to have a unique store/shop address(url) ex. https://kadarko.com/store/(mystoresellsclothes).

This store address, if given to any customer, can actually help project sales to about 75% more than when individual products are share the traditional social media way.

Above is an example of a store where all products are shown and buyer can actually choose varieties of products than one and buy all in one click.


TO Buyers:

On Kadarko.com, you have so much options to choose from, unique sellers and awesome products.

Custom products, locale products, designer and or foreign products all available and sold by different vendor/store owners on kadarko.com.

Obviously, with this kind of setting, you never go out of what next to shop.

Every shop has its own Terms however; Kadarko.com ensures both the seller and buyer are protected and fraud will never happen.


Kadarko.com is an intermediary between the Seller and Buyer and it is important to know that, we only pay Vendors(sellers) for orders that has successfully been delivered to the buyer.

If otherwise, we refund the buyers money and may suspend the Seller/Vendor as this goes against our terms.

* How do i get started? Seller or Buyer

We designed a single signup page for both buyer and seller

If you’re signing up as VENDOR or Buyers, visit https://kadarko.com/my-account/


All you just have to do is select which of the action or purpose of the website use as shown in the image above.

You can as well sign in/sign up using social media such as Facebook or Twitter as seen in the image above.

Just click on the familiar button above and you automatically would be registered on Kadarko.com.

Registering is the first step. We have a walk-through wizard to help you get your account running which you would only see provided you signup as a vendor

* Why should I trust Kadarko.com with my money

Built on reputation of PoFela.com (PoFela Nigeria) – A Nigerian exchange service that has worked for more than a year and doing so well in its scope of Business.

Kadarko.com is sure in good hands, its parent company has been into online business for so many years and overall, we have had great testimonies, recommendations and social reviews; in short- it’s been good all the way!.

We in total on PoFela Nigeria have since paid out over ₦45million in exhange for Bitcoin or its altcoins and have traded in general over 40BTC in the little time of the company existence till date.

If you’re not a Bitcoin person, not too much to worry. Just know, Kadarko.com is as well built on great reputation and rest on shoulder of individuals who are happy to help you succeed as well.

* Who can be a Vendor or Merchant on Kadarko.com

Everyone can be a vendor or a customer on Kadarko.com provided you have actual goods to sell and would deliver when an order is made from kadarko.com

See ‘How do i get started? Seller or Buyer‘ above to get started on your journey

* Understanding my Vendor dashboard

Welcome vendor!

Your dashboard is full of great tools to help you understand your customers, sales report and give all of the best analytics about your store.

You can as well customize the look, or style to make it attracting to your buyers who are more interested in your store and its products.

This is how a customer would see your store on his/her browser

Displaying varieties of products you have taken time to add.

However, this is how your own Vendor dashboard would look like

Experimenting with the Dashboard, you can add products, manage reviews from customers, withdrawal dashboard for when you want kadarko.com to pay you, manage coupons, and on the settings page, you can manage bank, or bitcoin details depending on where you would like your withdrawal to be processed to and a few more other personal details e.g Shipping terms, store terms and conditions, store seo(social media optimization), social profiles and more.

Amongst many other settings, be sure you can always change setting back and forth to see what works best for your store.

* How To Add Products

To use this feature, you must already be registered as a vendor.

Please refer to “How do i get started? Seller or Buyer” if you are yet to register as a vendor.

The vendor dashboard present with so many features such as Add Products, Coupon and many more.

I will focus on Adding New Products in this help section

Tutorial assumes you’re registered, verified and logged into your Vendor Dashboard.

Click on Products then Add New Product

Now, the Add Product page loads with a few option to get started

Explanation by number tag:

1 – Product Name e.g Men 2017 casual shoe with gold crest logo

The product name is what is shown across the website and that is shown on Search Engine such as Google when anyone search for your product on the internet.

The product name allows the buyer to quickly know what good it is they are buying.

2 – Upload Product Image (Featured Image)

This is the image you want people to see, the image that comes up with your product first every-time the page is opened by buyers. Usually, it is advised you used the most detailed, cleanest and well captured image at this section. Image is of very great important on an eCommerce website as it can help boost sales up-to 85% more.

3 – Thumb Images

These images shows further details of your product and it can be more than one. Images uploaded here could be inside of shoe, the footer, the sides just as an example.

Image below better explains 2 and 3


4 – How about we talk Pricing

Here, there is a text box where you can state the price of your product. E.g 50,000 and the website will automatically calculate your own actual return with commission deduction of 5%.

If price is 50,000, you will see your earning as 47,500


5 – Short Description of the Product

This describes what you’re selling. it must be short and very well explanatory enough to convince potential buyers why your product is worth the buy.

Here you can define the may purpose of the product, specifications and a few other details necessary and as sufficient for each product of different category.

6 – ‘Select product category’

Every product must belong to a category to help keep kadarko.com clean and easy to navigate.

So, someone who want a shoes can go to Men’s shoes, and another person who needs beauty products can just head to the Health and beauty category.

Here, the category to all product has been prepopulated as all you have to do is. click inside of the box then search the category that best describes your product.

7 – Description

This is an extended function of (5) above. This sections allows you to enter more text, images, videos and audio.

You can better describe your products, states its uses, share Youtube videos, model pictures and way more of what you want in your Description.

This is important because it helps the buyers learn the practical and imaginary use of a product before paying to order it.

Example of how it looks on a live product. pls refer to https://kadarko.com/shop/shoes/mens-casual-shoes/high-quality-swine-men-shoes-male-hot-sale-designer-mens-casual-shoes-luxury-brand-breathable-trainers-slip-krasovki-2017/

Visit link to see how you may have to setup everything.

8 – Create Product

Click the button when ready and your product would be added to Kadarko.com for review. However, this button also further allow you to get more advanced customization if you wish.

If nothing more. leave it as it is and the kadarko.com team would review it and publish if it meets the standard.

9 – Create & Add New.

Creat this product and load another Add To Product Page.

* Can a vendor also shop from other vendors on Kadarko.com?

A single Kadarko.com account, vendor or customer can make orders from any other store, seller or any products seen on Kadarko.com

* How much does Kadarko.com charge

Just like everyone, kadarko.com as well has lot of financing to do just so to ensure smooth running of this platform.

Therefore, with consciousness of how much we really want people to grow, we also need to grow and as such; Kadarko.com charges 5% per transaction which translate to.

If product A is ₦8,000, Kadarko.com’s charge is ₦400 and if Product B is ₦5,000, charge is ₦250 and so on.

Besides that charge, no hidden charges applicable anywhere.

* Withdrawal methods

On Kadarko.com, we accept payment via Bitcoin and Bank/Credit Card Payment.

Same with withdrawals. Depending on what your product is paid for with determines what you withdraw with.

Example is. Customer A buys laptop with Bitcoin, Seller has to withdraw in Bitcoin and if customer B pays with Naira; that order comes with Naira in withdrawal.

Therefore, Bitcoin or Naira; Be rest assured your payment will reflect as soon as you carry out your Withdrawal and all verification done.

* How long before my withdrawal is processed?

No thresh-hold on withdrawal, no intervals.

You can always request for your money every-time a single product is sold and order is marked completed.

On your Dashboard, you will see your account balance which is always readily available for withdrawal.

Just click Withdraw to get started with the process.

Below is the Withdrawal page where you have options to choose how you wish to withdraw which is dependent on the payment method your product is paid with.

Withdrawal Time:

This takes no time as all Kadarko.com does is just to verify all data and then carry out the Payment to the Vendors account.

* Vendor verification badge

A badge is an identity of recognition. On Kadarko.com, it is as same.

Vendors who have proven to be dedicated to the business they run on Kadarko.com will in no time get a badge of relevance which shows very well that, they have done many successful orders and also carried out more withdrawals.

If you see a badge on a vendor, it shows that:

  • They are trust-worthy
  • They have been on Kadarko.com for a long time
  • They have many customer reviews
  • They sell more products and delivers as planned
  • Kadarko.com preference

* Must I use Kadarko.com shipping and logistics?

Obviously not, as a matter of fact, Kadarko.com doesn’t have any shipping or logistics  sections for now.

We however look forward to helping our vendors get there products to sellers as quickly as possible in a few months.

Now, vendors dictates the Shipping style and also put its price.

* Using Bitcoin on Kadarko.com

First, it is important to know that use of Bitcoin on Kadarko.com is optional and not compulsory but strongly advised if you know about it.

Bitcoin as it is fondly called is an e-currency which is used online to make payment for good and or services. To many, bitcoin may be a measure of asset.

However, Kadarko.com is harnessing the global acceptance of bitcoin and it’s responsiveness in relation to every country’s local currency.

Imagine the possibility of someone from another part of the world buying your products using bitcoin and payment reflects in less time than the traditional banking system which takes days and more verification to be processed.

Obviously, we suggest that individuals who already trade in bitcoin or are advocates of this revolutionary invention should use the part of that service on Kadarko.com

Pls visit PoFela.com is willing to exchange bitcoin to your preferred choice.

* Rates on Bitcoin

We have a currency converter on Kadarko.com which automatically changes prices of products to Bitcoin in a click. However, we use the google rates to determine this price from the seller customs price to the bitcoin price.

Whatever the rates is online especially using google finance, we may very well be using that rates.

If we’re paying as well in Bitcoin. rates may not apply here because we are sending the payment in Bitcoin which already has its value from what is sold. Pls refer to “Withdrawal Methods” above to read more.

* Refund Policy!

Kadarko.com has a very tidy policy that takes good care of refunds and complaints as such that, sometimes vendors who are trying to be fraudulent or sell  bad products may be suspended from all activities on kadarko.com to even not able to withdraw.

However, it is important we state that; vendors have the right to state their own terms on what they sell and pls always refer to vendore terms on each and every product before making payment on the order.

Only pay when satisfied and if after payment you get a bad product, immediately write to Kadarko.com.

Such situations, we step in and address it the right way till costumers are happy.

* How's Kadarko.com and PoFela.com linked?

PoFela.com (PoFela Nigeria) is the parent comapny of Kadarko.com and all of Kadarko.com finances, regulations and or business decision may be influenced by personnel at PoFela Nigeria (PoFela.com).

We take great pride in building useful tool for our clients to use and help them grow as well as ensure we put security, privacy first.